• Realtime Tracking System
  • Realtime Journal Log
  • Realtime Console
  • Live Map
  • Full Remote Access to Bot Config
  • Battery-friendly overlay
  • Full Pokedex Support
  • Stats Overlay
  • Backpack Overlay
  • Egg Overlay
  • Sniper Support

  • Captcha-Query
  • Inventory Access


  1. Open Config\config.json
  2. In section WebsocketsConfig, make sure WebSocketPort is set to 14251

  1. Open Config\config.json
  2. Make sure UseWebsocket is set to true. It is set to false by default!
  3. Make sure WebSocketPort is set to 14251

INFO: Forward Port 14251 in your Router and Firewall.

Tempritscher.GO Web Edition

Update / Patch Status

Tempritscher.GO v1.0.2

Dieser Bot ist und bleibt kostenlos.