Hello everybody.
In this larger forum update we have worked on a lot of features and added new ones.
Here you have a list of all updates

Changes in our Forum

Security System:
  • Proxy Checker updated
  • Ban List Modules updated
  • Cookie Checker updated
  • Two-Factor Authentication Module updated
  • ItemStore Exploit fixed
  • Spam-O-Matic fixed
  • reCaptcha modules updated
  • Registration Module updated
  • Report Module updated

Forum Features:
  • Livestream Module updated
  • ItemStore updated
  • Live Status Page Added (New Page for Hack Status)
  • Donate modules updated
  • User Moduel updated
  • iTrader updated
  • Tapatalk modules updated
  • Facebook API updated

ARK Cluster Network:
  • All servers wiped
  • New Server added (ARK: Extinction)
  • Temprit server API updated
  • New Events added
  • Questing Mode added
  • Server Settings updated
  • Domination Event - Final Phase started