• Autofishes and completes fishing minigame
  • Classifies loot (Rarity and Specials) [Lootsettings]
  • Equip/discard fishingrods from Inventory (only discards unrepairable)
  • Uses bufffood
  • Keeps track of your fishing stats
  • Stops when Free and Reserved Inventory is full or no fishingrods are avaible.
  • Userfriendly GUI
  • Auto-Restock (selling fish, repairing rods, auctioning relic, storing money/relics)
  • Feed Workers
  • Drying feature
  • Improved error feedback
  • Digging
  • Auto-Restart
  • Marketplace
  • Milking
  • Full External - No Ban Risk

Marketplace Requirements:
  1. Standing next to a warehouse with Transport Option.
  2. Auto-Sort for the Warehouse must be ENABLED.
  3. Auto-Sort for the Inventory must be DISABLED.
  4. The first 4 Player Inventory will be used for the processing.

BDO Farming Bot v1.0.3

BDO Farming Bot v1.0.3.rar