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Easy to use

Our Radar Hack is easy to understand and user friendly. Follow the Installation Tutorial and never lose again.

Mountain View

Global No.1

BATTLE.RADAR is the worldwide leading external Hack software for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Our Hack allows you easy to Track Player, Items & Vehicles without getting banned. It is also optimized for the lowest possible memory and CPU consumption and can run on less powerful computers.

Mountain View

And much more

Besides our bots, we offer you a friendly and helpful gaming community. Our bots are updated as soon as possible after every patch. As active user you have the possibility to ascend in the level ranking and to use free Premium Access.


Why you should use our bot

Radar Hack

Shows Players, Items & Vehicles on the entire Map.

Realtime Scanning

Display the real time Location and View Direction of every Player.

Global Server support

All Server Regions are supported.

Advanced Alert System

Warns you if Players are near or aiming at your Location.

PAK Support

Supports a private undetected PAK injection Methode.

AHK Support

Supports a private undetected AHK injection Methode.


Support Radar Hacking on Android, MacOS, XBOX ONE & Windows.

GM KillSwitch

Warns the Player if a Gamemaster joins the Lobby or watching you.

Make Money with our Hack

All farmed Crates can be sold on Steam for real Money.

Full External

Our Hack is completely external. Therefore, there is no risk of being banned by the Battleye Anti-Cheat System.