Mountain View

Userfriendly Community

Fairness and good interaction with other users play a major role on our ARK server. We help each other so that nobody passes the fun of playing. If you have technical or mechanical problems on our servers, our Game Masters are here to help you.

Mountain View

Active Events

Our server is the first in the world with its own hook system. Once a certain number of players has been reached, events start on our servers where you can win awesome in-game items or run for your life to survive.

Mountain View

Dominate your Enemies

Whether on land, in the water or in the air. Rule alone over the entire ARK or make pacts with other tribes and rule as Alpha Tribes over all living things.

[EU] Gaming Legion - Aberration

Why you should use our Server

Taming 4x

Tame your favorite Dine 4 times faster.

Gather 4x

Gather 4 times more Ressources.

Experience 2x

Get 2 times more Experience from Crafting, Gathering & Killing.

Survival of the Fittest

Play on the highest difficulty. Prehistoric creatures appear between level 1 - 300.

Breeding 4x

Don't waste time. Bred and raise your favorite primeval creature 4 times faster.

Fair Play

We show no mercy to cheater & hackers. Our servers are secured with VAC3 and Battleye.

Travel between Worlds

Use our Cluster Network to travel with your Character, your Items and also Dinos between our ARK Servers.

No Server Wipes

We don't reset our servers. Your InGame progress will persist on all servers.

Active Game Masters

Our Game Masters are watching the global Chat. If you need help, just ask for an GM.

Teamspeak 3 & Discord

In addition to our gaming servers, we also offer a teamspeak and discord server, where you can exchange news or talk to each other via voice chat.

Economy System

We have our own server currency. Collect Survival Coins and exchange them with other players or get some great stuff in the ItemStore.

Global Statistics

Do not be just good, be the best of all players. We provide global statistics in real time.

Weekend Events

Every weekend there are double rates on all settings.

Dino Tracking

Never again spend hours searching for the missing Dino. Simply localize its position via command.

Fair Server Rules

As with many other servers, we have rules for optimal handling of other users and fair gameplay. Troublemakers or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Item Store

You do not have enough time to tame big dinosaurs or you want to go straight to the maximum level? Visit our Item Store and get everything you need.